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Very high Customer Satisfaction

at SCAN-DIGI services ascertained by customer survey ..

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Reconstructing Multilayer Boards

even complex multilayer boards can be reconstructed from samples ..

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Thin Film Technology

BFK-Services provides consulting and engineering services for thin film technologies, as well

Wellcome at BFK-Services

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International Services for Electronics | Distribution and global Procurement of Printed Circuit Boards | Technical Support for Printed Circuit Boards | Scan- and Digi Services for PCBs | CAM-Services for Printed Circuit Boards | Software and Services for PCB Industries | HDI-Concepts | Flex- and Flex-Rigid PCBs | Thick Copper PCBs and PCB Planar Transformers | Impedance Calculation and Construction for PCBs | Drawing up of International PCB Specs | Technology Consulting for PCBs