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Very high Customer Satisfaction

at SCAN-DIGI services ascertained by customer survey ..

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Reconstructing Multilayer Boards

even complex multilayer boards can be reconstructed from samples ..

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Thin Film Technology

BFK-Services provides consulting and engineering services for thin film technologies, as well


Stable partnerships with international partners have been shaped up in the last years and give a good account of itself. We are available – together with these producers – for technical support in Germany, we prepare qualified quotations in the short run and we care for the customer orders from order date until shipment date and longer, too. With it we offer important services which won’t be normally provided by the producers themselves. Our partners are:

TECNOMEC (Vicenza): TECNOMEC aims to be a landmark in the international market of customised PCB production, by offering innovative high-level technical solutions, quick-turn service and a strong professional ethics. TECNOMEC is equipped with the best technology available and realizes directly small and medium productions.
Download Presentation. Download PCB-Specification.

iNtima Solutions Private Limited (India): Our PCB CAM Services helps our customer to prepare quick, accurate quotes and Data preparation for production. Our CAD Layout service helps our customer to realize the designs ideas to PCB CAD layouts in short time and economical way.
Our Software Development Service cater the IT Programming needs in leading technologies and programming in DotNet, Java, PHP etc.
Download Presentation (english).

Reliance Technology Development Ltd. (China) | Herstellung von Leiterplatten (starr)  in Standardtechnik, Muster und Vorserien, auch im Express-Service, mittlere und große Serien | UL / ISO 9001    –    Vertrieb, technischer Support Deutschland: BFK-Services