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Very high Customer Satisfaction

at SCAN-DIGI services ascertained by customer survey ..

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Reconstructing Multilayer Boards

even complex multilayer boards can be reconstructed from samples ..

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Thin Film Technology

BFK-Services provides consulting and engineering services for thin film technologies, as well


The process from electronic assembly group conception to realization in small, medium or large volume production contains a lot of steps. Most of them require good skills in PCB-technology. Though BFK-Services is a young firm but equipped with a 40 years experience in this field and uses it above all to guarantee quality and reliability to the customers. The results prove this. The most important services of BFK:


BFK-Services calculates and creates impedance lay-ups for multilayer boards, develops HDI/SBU multilayer concepts and rigid flex board lay-ups as well - by reliability and cost-effectiveness criteria - and creates the needed documents, data and specifications therefore - using 3d visualization if required – applying qualified software - for local and global PCB procurement. More...


BFK-Services takes over CAD export data in GERBER or NC format of different generations, CAD files (e.g. EAGLE®, TARGET3001®) and creates therefrom data for safe production and specifications meeting international standards and assembly panels by customer guidelines as well - with production and control documents belonging to it. If required at the customer's site - and - if extended capacity is needed - in cooperation with our CAM service partners INTIMA SOLUTIONS in Mysuru, India. More.. Download Presentation(english).



BFK-Services creates from all kind of older PCB artwork - films, taped drawings - but from sample PCBs, too - by scanning and digitizing - up to date and safe GERBER production data - completed by mechanical drawing, drill map, control documents, specifications etc.  - cost for this service is only a small fraction of a new CAD development, faultlessness is excellent, delivery time is very short. More..


BFK-Services procures Printed Circuit Boards worldwide - from the cost effective production of standard technologies in Far East to high tech boards from highly skilled European production. Therefore well-chosen and proven partners regarding quality and reliability are available. Together with ENGINEERING-, CAM- und DIGI-Services BFK offers a complete inquiry- order- and quality management to our customers. More...